Toddler Room

  Toddler Room  
 Our Toddler Room is licensed for 14 toddlers.

The age range for this room is 16 months to 33 months. In this room the state ratio is 1:7.
Teachers in the toddler room support developing communication skills, both spoken and signed; provide developmentally appropriate play experiences and activities that bolster their physical and cognitive growth; and guide them lovingly and respectfully in their social and emotional interactions as they build relationships with their teachers and peers.

Many learning activities are delivered in small groups of children, allowing them to interact with the same 2 or 3 children at a time under the guidance of the same teacher.

We strive to share the message of Jesus’s love and God’s promises through songs, prayers, stories and, most importantly at this tender age, caring interactions with each child.

 Our toddlers transition into the preschool room between 33-35 months.

Contact Information
Phone: 763) 533-0600 x 207