Preschool Room

  Preschool Room  

* The age range for this room is 33 months- 5 years or Kindergarten ready. In this room the state ratio is 1:10.  Our classroom can have 20 children in attendance. We have 3 workers, all of which are lead teacher qualified. Mrs. Bare is the Lead Teacher.

* In the preschool room, Ms. Laura uses a curriculum based on different themes. She also takes a different letter of the alphabet to study each week. The children have a Bible Lesson each day. Throughout the week, they work on numbers, math and science and spanish skills.

*The teachers alll work with different age groups (young 3's, 4's and older 4's & 5's) and focus on their strengths and skill sets.

Several of our Center preschool families have advanced their children into Holy Trinity's Kindergarten program.

Because of our detailed preschool curriculum, our older preschoolers will be Kindergarten ready once they "graduate!"