Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Welcome to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church!
Our mission is to "Share Jesus Christ with All Nations and Ages.  We are a family friendly congregation.  Our worship services strive to involve every age level in spiritual growth and participation.  A children's lesson is included on non-communion Sundays (the 2nd, 4th & 5th Sundays of the month).  Our worship incorporates a variety of liturgical forms.  This provides familiar structure to our Christ-centered worship that allows young children to participate and at the same time adults to experience fresh and dignified variety in spoken and sung responses.

Children's choirs, an adult choir, and instrumentalists are routinely involved in the worship service.  We invite you come as our guest to grow in God's grace with us!

HolyTrinity Lutheran Church is shepherded by Pastor Dennis Klatt.
Holy Trinity's Sunday Worship Schedule
Family Worship: 9:00 AM
Hmong Worship: 10:00 AM (4th Sunday of Month)


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